How the Internet Has Changed Everyday Life

It is fair to say how the introduction of the Internet has changed our perception regarding numerous things in our lives today. Our existence and virtue have been evolved in such a way that even the role of communication in our lives has been revolutionized.

Let’s take a mild example of how a woman who once would call her mother or reach out to her neighbor in case of a recipe, now prefers to get lost in her phone to help her. Is this how we have wanted it?

Moreover, technology has surrounded us from all corners. Today, if we want to order a pizza, share something with our old friend, buy a microwave, etc., we cannot possibly do it without using the internet. Availability of internet has made things easier for us. However, humans fail to understand that this assistance has dominated us to make us dependent on it, which is nothing to be proud of.

Not only have we evolved with the internet, but the internet itself has also transformed with time too. Years from today, the internet could only cater to a list of tasks. It was a static network where the message between two terminals could be delivered by the aid of expert coders. It wasn’t easy, and not everyone had access to it. And if you look at the internet today, it is fair to say that we are all publishers, commentators, and creators now who are using this electronic leviathan to exchange chunks of information.

The internet has changed our everyday life in various ways, and we cannot deny it. Today, a common debate is how online communication has affected our social relationships. Internet claims to bring us together by bridging gaps but, has it? With the help of the internet and social media, families living in different countries can communicate and stay in touch with each other. However, people sitting in the same room also make use of the internet and social media to communicate, which is not fruitful. This paves the way into a lot of debate regarding whether the internet has affected our everyday lives positively or negatively?

With the availability of internet, we treat relationships differently than how we used to before. How we maintain our relationships today is different from how we used to do that before. Whether the relationship is between two friends, partners, or family, the interaction has transformed to change the notion of intimacy.

For instance, with the presence of the internet and social media, people are constantly uploading images and videos to keep everyone in their circle updated regarding what’s happening in their lives. By posting text posts, videos, images, etc. people can stay in touch and remain in the loop. However, not only our close relations know what is happening in our lives, casual acquaintances are aware of which restaurant we dined in last year, where do our kid’s study, and who is our cousin.

Social media has developed a new sense of intimacy. This sense of intimacy wasn’t available in the past as people would make plans to meet and then discuss their life events. With constant uploading on social media, the significance and beauty of personal life events have decreased. Meeting in person can never be overpowered by a selfie exchanged between two old friends. School reunions will always be special and more exciting. Therefore, it is fair to say how, while the internet has bridge gaps, it has also created them in return.

The internet alone cannot be blamed for all distances that have grown between people. Let’s take the example of mobile communications. With the presence of smartphones, people prefer to text or call their loved ones instead of meeting them in person. It is a fresh revolution. The internet activity has been progressed due to the availability of smartphones and tablets, which is why we cannot alone blame the presence of the internet for affecting our relationships. No one spends hours in front of their laptop or computer screens. However, they stay online on their mobile phones all the time.

On the other hand, what we should not miss out on is the fact that the Internet has several positive impacts on our everyday life as well. It has been embedded in our lives in various ways. The way we interact with each other is not the same how we used to in the absence of the internet.

By being a part of any social media platform, people can voice their objectives, their point of view. By sharing information on the social media platform via the internet, people sitting in one corner of the world can communicate with people living in the other what is better than social media to stay in touch moment to moment with people who are very dear to you.

With the help of the internet and social media combined, people can share what is important to them. They can talk about their problems so that people having the same ones can reach out to them. People can stay in touch regarding the news of what is happening throughout the world. Therefore, it can be fair to say that the internet has opened countless communication opportunities.

Another significant factor is how the internet has impacted all levels of education today. Gone are the days where people had to travel to the library to gain knowledge concerning a respective matter. Today, if you are stuck somewhere, all you must do is make some clicks and tada! With the help of the internet, people can create and share information from any part of the world. Moreover, new ways of teaching are being introduced as well. The Internet allows the connection and empowering of students in a society so that they can work together to bring a positive change in the world. With gaining knowledge available to you on your fingertips, we can speed up economic growth and work towards the betterment of society. Users today can select the information they need instead of spending hours trying to find what they are looking for.

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